Casino comparisons

Cryptocurrencies have been taking the world by storm recently. Even though they were met with a tremendous amount of skepticism, they still managed to break through all of the stereotypes and become a stable trading asset of the 21st century. Some users decided to take them even further and saw an opportunity in implementing them within online gambling sites as well.

It is quite ironic that many crypto haters were saying that Bitcoin is nothing but a gamble, and now it is actually featured on a lot of gambling sites. Here we would like to feature some of the gambling operators that allow Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency usages in making deposits or just gambling them outright. Although the volume is not as high as normal fiat currency gambling, the industry is showing a lot of potential and could be the next big hit for gamblers.

Features you need to be looking for

Sign-up bonus

The sign-up bonus pretty much translates into deposit bonus. Most of the times online gambling operators really want to retain their customers by offering a lot of bonuses and perks within the first few weeks of their signup. Therefore they start giving out bonuses on deposits so that people spend a lot more time on their platforms trying to win as much as they can. Although it could be dangerous in the hands of a gullible gambler, trying to win back his losses, it can also be a powerful tool in the hands of a smart and levelheaded one.

With the bonus, people have a lot more opportunities to either diversify the games they gamble in, or just choose a specific one and specialize in high stakes gambling on it. Most casinos encourage diversification, which is a better idea in our opinion. Most of the times a familiar game may get too comfortable or even boring, leading to less well-centered decisions on deposits. So keep your head high just in case.

Game diversity

It’s essential for you to be able to diversify your games as we mentioned above. it is always better to go with an operator that supports most games on their platform. However, some of the terms & agreements can discourage this as game diversity doesn’t immediately translate into good quality. But an operator that can connect diversity with quality is definitely a catch that can’t be missed.

Withdrawal system

Withdrawals need to be fluid and fast. Nobody wants to wait for hours before they’re able to get their hands on winnings. Some gambling operators delay the withdrawals deliberately, so as to give the players more incentive to cash out larger quantities in order to avoid constant waiting lines and empty accounts. has some of the best features out there in terms of deposit bonuses and free spins. Essentially you can get up to 5 Bitcoin as deposit bonuses over the long term and about 75 free spins on slots when you sign up. This actually defeats many other casino’s abilities to offer you high stake gambling. Being able to gamble 5 bitcoin could be a road to riches nobody would expect, but it’s still unverified whether or not you could withdraw all of your winnings with this bonus. Because generally, deposit bonuses mean that there will be a cap of the amount you need to gamble in order to be eligible for a cashout.

In terms of game diversity, you’ll be able to access new games that come out regularly on the market. They generally fall under the genre of slots, but there are way more options waiting. The operator managed to squeeze through the regulations and start featuring Poker and table games. Not only that but you’ll also be able to access jackpot and roulettes. Whether or no the roulette is live we can’t say for sure unfortunately

Additionally, the operator also features a mobile application for their platform, giving it more accessibility for people constantly on the road or unable to access a desktop.

mBit Casino

mBit Casino is regarded as the leader of the industry. They have started to become very centered towards the cryptocurrency gambling ordeal. Even their name indicates that they have a crypto friendly environment going on. The moment you visit the website you’ll be met with a very cheerful design, made to get into a playing mood. The deposit bonus of the operator is not as big as, but it is still substantial. Adding 110% to your initial deposit as a bonus, therefore helping you play with almost double amounts, making double calls and potentially doubling your profits.

In terms of game diversity, there could be no better place to gamble Bitcoin. As the operator features multiple online gambling games with High Stakes, slots and table games. Not only were they also able to feature a card based game like blackjack, but they also managed to incorporate live games on their platform, therefore making it a lot more transparent.

In addition, mBit also accommodates sports fans and offers them the opportunity to bet on the games. Withdrawals, however, are limited to E-wallets only, therefore restricting it to just cryptocurrencies, which could prove not a very safe way. Plus many players would want to be able to convert to fiat currencies during their withdrawal process, but unfortunately, mBit doesn’t offer this.

Konung Casino

Konung casino has a lovely design. It has a very youthful and welcoming mood to it. Although it is centered around Vikings, it doesn’t mean that only Nordic people can enjoy it. It is open for most of the gambling community.

Their deposit bonus is quite fair and fixed. 300 euros for the deposit bonus with an additional 50 free spins. Not the best offer, but an offer nonetheless. In terms of game quantity, we’d say that its average. The genres are quite limited actually, only offering Jackpot, card games, and some slots.

The withdrawal system is quite lackluster. Although you’d have way more opportunities to withdraw your profits, even in fiat currencies, they take way too long. A minimum of 24 hours for e-Wallets and 3-5 days for credit cards.

Top cryp betting site reviews summed up

We wanted to list 3 types of bonus system providing operators. We listed those who provide Bitcoin up-front, fixed fiat cash and just percentages. Although we did try to review them and compare them, it is mostly up to you to decide which one to go with. All of them have their ups and downs. Hopefully, this info was helpful for you in one way or another. Good luck!