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Bitcoin betting or Bitcoin gambling? which is better?

Bitcoin betting and gambling is not the only topic discussed to decide which one is better. Enthusiasts of both types have been having quite a lot of discussion over which form is better than the other. However, no clear winner has emerged so far. The reason is, of course, the diversity that both of them offer. All of them have different types of styles that appeal to both parties, so mostly it’s very rare to find a person who only bets and who only gambles, usually its a mix of both.

However, today we will be discussing which one of the two types is superior.

Sports betting with Bitcoin

Betting can be very fun. Most of the time people only bet on sports they actually watch, but sometimes there are exceptions. The reason why people opt for sports betting is the accessibility of it. There is pretty much no prior requirements for you to be able to bet. You don’t need any special knowledge of the sport to be able to bet well. As already mentioned, people mostly bet on sports they know, therefore there is very little preparation for the act, making it a lot easier.

The way this is superior to gambling is the numerous hours you need to spend in order to learn a specific type of gambling. For example, you need several hundred hours of poker practice in order to become good enough at it that you can start gambling for money, in terms of sports betting you can just jump right in.

Sports betting is becoming more and more digitalized, very rarely will you see people opting for an offline betting site. This means that it is a lot more accommodating to Bitcoins and has a lot of variations when you compare the crypto betting sites’ systems.

Another point for betting is that it doesn’t require skill at all. It is all about predictions,┬áresearch, and guessing. Most of the times you can easily guess that a veteran football team can easily defeat a newly emerged underdog, however, this doesn’t mean that there is no risk. Time and time again underdogs have been proving to be better than their counterparts, just look at how Iceland performed in the World Cup.

Diversity is also another strong point for sports betting. You may not be aware yet, but there are new sports made every day. What do we mean? Well, we’re talking about eSports. These are video games that have been turned into sports. We know this sounds quite unorthodox, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that people have been making crazy money from betting on these games. Not only does this add diversity to the platform, but it also adds diversity to the customer generations. Younger generations connect a lot better with video games, which in turn helps them to get accommodated more to the betting industry. In addition, these youngsters are also more versed in digital currencies, in turn making Bitcoin more relevant for the field. Who knows maybe they’re physical sports fans as well and have never tried betting on it? eSports betting will help them to get more accustomed to the activity.

Gambling with Bitcoin

Bitcoin gambling is as easy as it gets. While playing slots, you don’t really think about your strategy, because there is none. You only rely on luck and hope that your next spin will be profitable. When talking about table games, it is a different story.

You see most table games online don’t have as much credibility. Almost everybody accuses them of being rigged and sometimes they’re right. Therefore most of the gamblers opt for live games, for example, a roulette, which shares the characteristics of slots, completely reliant on luck.

If Bitcoin gambling was available offline, then table games would be the biggest users, because of numerous confident players. Table games require more skill than others, which means that people are more willing to risk it. For example, you can master your Poker face or learn how to throw dice so that it lands exactly how you want it to land.

All of this translates into limited Bitcoin applications to the gambling industry. It is easy to see this as well when you compare crypto gambling sites. You can see the differences and limitations in their payment systems.

But it needs to be said that gambling is a lot more fun offline. Surrounded by bottomless champagne and a nice cigar, you’ll quickly feel like you’re in a Hollywood movie, just don’t overdo it.


In terms of Bitcoin, we believe that sports betting has a lot more opportunities. Not only that but the application diversity is larger. However, in terms of enjoyment, gambling beats them without any problems. You see, the differences between these two industries are that in sports betting, gambling is part of the game, and in slots and table games, the game is part of the gamble.

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