crypto betting

Sports has been around for quite a long time. It can actually be traced way back to the first civilizations. Thanks to this popularity is has become one of the most lucrative businesses. Because so many people used to watch sports daily, it became a great idea to offer these people a bit more fun to their daily activity. Soon sports betting became one of the most profitable businesses in the world. There are rough estimates, but at this moment Football is leading in terms of betting volumes.

However, different times require different measures and the betting providers are well aware of it. The financial industry has been reshaped by the crypto boom and it looks like the gambling and betting industry is coming next. Many operators are already seeing potential in featuring cryptocurrency betting on their platform and so far it has been proving quite successful.

Betting could be classified as gambling, but most of the times it is not dependant on just dumb luck, depending on your style of betting of course. Most providers are starting to restrict betting only on specified scores, but there are still options to just bet on the overall outcome, therefore taking away too much risk from crypto betting and making it 50/50.

Essential features of crypto betting providers

Deposit bonuses

Just like in plain crypto gambling providers, crypto betting providers also feature bonuses and high stakes betting. Leading to the same results like large profits or devastating losses. In terms of sports betting, it is mostly regarded as a high stakes industry as the games are not as abundant compared to casinos. Therefore customers always opt for high volume bets in order to maximize their winnings.

However, bonuses with betting sites are completely different. They don’t have to be monetary additions to your deposit, but could also be perks on parley for example. In this case, if you were wrong about a specific list of scores, you’ll still get a crack at the jackpot in order to maximize your winnings.

Withdrawals and payments

Once again we find ourselves at the withdrawals and payments section and we can’t emphasize enough how important this part is. In order to actually benefit in some way from your betting activities, you need to be able to quickly cash out your profits, so as to not be enticed to gamble it all away. therefore you’ll be needing a quick and efficient way to withdraw your winnings and maybe keep a little bit, for future bets.

Technology has developed so much that transactions could go through within milliseconds, but the withdrawal system is still lagging behind, so don’t be surprised if some of the operators will feature long waiting lines.

Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports is quite a sophisticated sports betting provider. According to our research, they are currently operating within the EU, but still support the majority of the gambling enthusiast countries. In terms of game volume, the provider features most of the games taking place within the continent and offers tight spreads and bonuses.

In terms of a bonus, the provider doesn’t feature any sort of monetary addition, but it definitely has cryptocurrency usage for your betting needs. What it does have as a bonus, is their fun programs tailored to deliver their customers maximum value. For example, people who try their parley event will be able to receive another crack at a jackpot should they fail, courtesy of the provider.

However, should they fail one more time, they will immediately be listed for the next month’s jackpot at a discount. Other than that the provider features a lot of fun activities like the recent spelling out their name challenge, with which the winners would receive amazing bonuses like better time frames to place bets.

In terms of withdrawal, the operator provides the standard 24-hour waiting list for transactions on e-Wallets and credit cards alike. Which given the minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC is not that bad.


Essentially 1xBit is regarded more of a casino than a betting provider, however, this still puts them in our category to review them. The website heavily features football as its main sport to bet on, offering multiple ways like time frame goal counts and overall scores at the end of the game.

In terms of a bonus, given the fact that they are a casino, they feature a 100% welcome bonus and a maximum amount of 1 BTC as an addition. In this case, this also translates into your account for sports betting, therefore, giving you the opportunity to start high stakes betting immediately. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find out what the minimum gambling amount was required for you to be able to cash out your profits.

Speaking of cashouts, 1xBit has one of the best withdrawal systems for cryptocurrencies. They have absolutely no withdrawal fees and can process requests in just a couple of minutes and transfer them to your e-Wallet. However, they only feature cryptocurrency cashouts, therefore inhibiting your ability to receive fiat currencies.


Anonibet is quite an old sports betting provider, it has been around since 2011 which is quite a long time in terms of sporst betting provider lifetimes. They are one of the most experienced in their field and the services they offer truly shows it.

Immediately when you enter the website you notice that the sports you can bet on are quite diverse there. There is no primary focus on a specific sport, therefore excluding any type of favoritism that could happen with spreads and features. Not only that, but the website also features a lot of live gambling games for you to enjoy while you watch the game and prepare for the cashout.

Just like it was with 1xBit, the bonus side of the website comes from its casino side. The operator couldn’t bring itself to deny any type of bonus to the betting enthusiasts and therefore attached it here as well. Basically, every deposit you make will be topped by a 10% bonus, giving you the opportunity to up your game. This may not seem like a big addition to your betting power, but in the end, this means a lower minimum gambled amount cap. Letting you withdraw a lot more easily.

This brings us to the withdrawal and payments part of Anonibet. The withdrawal processing power isn’t as good here, as they require a 24 hour review time in order to deliver you your profits. However, the maximum amount of cashouts speak volumes about the types of people that bet here. You can withdraw up to 500 BTC worth of profits. However, here we have the same story of not being able to withdraw with fiat currencies.

Crypto betting sites comparison summary

Most of the betting sites we saw, had little to no connections to fiat currencies, encouraging players to start using their crypto assets, therefore massively increasing their liquidity. Just like in the other comparisons, this is also dependant on your style of betting. Give the operators a look and try to decide which one is better for you. We hope that this information was very useful for your future betting needs. Good luck!