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The weird uses for Bitcoin

Now some people may think that Bitcoin can only be applied to a financial industry. But we’ve already proven that this is not the case when we compared crypto gambling operators. As it turns out there are numerous ways somebody can use Bitcoin and some of them might even shock you.

No wonder Bitcoin was able to diversify between industries, it is well on its way to becoming a primary online payment method. But what exactly can people do with it? We decided to do some research and tell you some weird ways you can utilize Bitcoin and remain undetected. The keyword here is undetected, because some of the applications, you may not want to be publicized.

Bitcoin and Pornography

Now, all we want in this article is for us to be honest with each other. Most of us have visited Porn websites, right? And it is not hard to see that they feature subscriptions on their platforms for some “extra content”. Some of the biggest brands in porn do it, like PornHub. However, we have the same scenario as in the credit history article. This may not affect your loan acquiring chances, but it’s not too good to have a porn website transaction just sitting on your account. Who knows when somebody will use that info for slander in the future.

We can’t really say if that is the reason some porn websites started featuring payments with cryptos, but it could be. What we can say is that every industry is starting to see the potential of Bitcoin. Just featuring a service to purchase a subscription with cryptos, already puts them a step above their competitors.

But how many actually embrace this policy? Not many, unfortunately. PornHub itself is not considering the option at all, however, their subsidiary, Tube8 has already made plans about a spinoff of crypto incorporation in porn. What’s even weirder is that some operators even offer cryptocurrencies when people watch porn on their websites. Some addicts could really make a buck out of it. No matter what everyone has to say, the few that use Bitcoin transaction services in the industry, could be spearheading a new trend on the rise.

Want some Bitzza, maybe a Bitwich?

Crypto payments were already popular with smaller business before large food chains started to notice it. The reason behind it was, that the large food chains couldn’t afford to focus on such a small customer segment, which ultimately made them abandon the plan in the past. However, smaller businesses had this opportunity to completely tailor to crypto users, becoming their top place to visit. Soon enough large corporations saw this and wanted to join in. Subway was the first to bite the bait when it introduced Bitcoin payments in some of its branches in Buenos Aires. The news was quite a large hit, finally, Bitcoin holders could actually spend their assets, and what better way to do it than spending it on food.

However, Subway doesn’t hold the title of most controversial Bitcoin payment story. That title belongs to a pizzeria, that sold their Pizza to one of their customers for 10,000 Bitcoins, back when Bitcoin had just come out. The guy must be regretting his decision so hard. But the matter of fact is that Bitcoin wouldn’t have come to where it is now if there weren’t people like him. The trend was soon picked up by pizzerias in the US, now offering the very same services, but at a much much less price.


These were the couple of weird ways to use Bitcoin that we could find for you. Believe us, there were much much more applications, but some of them were actually illegal, so we decided not to feature them at all. What’s important to know is that Bitcoin is quickly becoming a legitimate way to shop online, be it clothes, food or even adult content. So it may be a good time to stock up while the price is down.

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